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Valerie Garrett

Tech Phone Support

I’ve known Valerie Garrett for several years now, first when she worked at Tualatin Life, next at the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce, and most recently with Stafford Hills Club. One common thread between all three companies has been the use of WordPress to maintain the company web site, and with WordPress you can update your web site using a web browser.

WordPress is simple to use, intuitive, flexible and extendible.

When Valerie has a WordPress question she can either refer to the Web User Guide, send me an email, or pick up the phone. Last week we talked by phone about how to use WordPress and then I followed up by email. She sent me a Thank You card, which always warms my heart because then I know that the support really helped her get the job done.

If your website cannot be easily updated using just a web browser, then consider using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), and  then ask me your questions on how to get your pages updated to be just what you want.

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