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Tualatin Library Foundation

Tualatin Library Foundation

I first met Wayne Welch a few years ago, and he is one of the many wonderful volunteers that organize the Tualatin Library Foundation. They needed a web site for several reasons:

  • Communicate their vision to the community
  • Invite visitors to subscribe to email news
  • Raise funds for the foundation
  • Use social media to have conversations
  • Accept donations
  • Promote their annual fund-raising event, Vine2Wine
  • Share photos in a gallery to highlight events

We used WordPress to develop a site that Wayne and other volunteers can update themselves using just a web browser and some training. The new web site is responsive, meaning that you can browse it on the Desktop, Tablet or even Mobile devices like your smart phone. Donations and payments are accepted using PayPal, which also accepts regular credit cards. We collect email names using Constant Contact, a popular email management tool.

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