Keeping Your Smart Phone Updated

Written: April 1, 2016

My smart phone is used for both business and personal tasks, so it’s important for me to keep it updated to the latest release of the Operating System to ensure that security is kept current, plus it’s plain fun to have something new and shiny to use. AT&T is my wireless carrier and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is my phone, so today I received a message from AT&T that their Android 5.1.1 version was all ready to be installed. I basically read the dialog and clicked the Continue button, quite simple. The whole process took maybe 12 minutes or so, because after installation it has to optimize each App, and my phone has 81 Apps.

In the end I can click on Settings> About device and see that Android is now at the 5.1.1 version.

Android 5.1.1

Your carrier probably has a very similar scenario to follow for upgrading the Android OS, and even Apple devices are quite easy to update the OS with.

Before updating make sure that you have at least 25% battery life, because the last thing that you want to happen is for an update to be interrupted by your device turning off unexpectedly in the middle of the process, something that could leave you with a brick for a phone.

Pioneers in Trauma

Written: February 17, 2016

Pioneers in Trauma

Richard Horswell asked me to help create a new web site for a charity near to his heart, Pioneers in Trauma. We got to know each other on a former web project at He knew what the domain name was, had a logo, some photos, and an event invitation for their inaugural event on May 14, 2016. With that info in hand I set about to:

Enjoy viewing this new site, just launched at

Get 2GB Free Storage in Google Drive

Written: February 11, 2016

I use many Google products because they are usually free, work well on all devices even Mac and iPad, and simplify both my business and personal life. Google Drive is a cloud-based storage that lets me organize documents into folders and files, then share that with anyone else using their email address. That’s powerful.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Today I learned that I could bump up my free 15GB of storage on Google Drive to 17GB by just clicking through some security review questions at

Enjoy your time with Google Drive, and remember that when you create a free Google account to use your business email account, you DO NOT need to add a Gmail account.


Not All Battery Chargers are Created Equal

Written: February 1, 2016

I use both Apple and Android devices every day in my business and personal life, so decided that I should buy a new battery charger for the AAA batteries used in my Apple Magic Mouse. The charging unit is white, sleek, rounded and comes with six AAA batteries:

Apple Battery Charger

Apple Battery Charger


I brought the charger home, charged up two of the included silver batteries, then used them in my Magic Mouse, all was well.

Then curiosity took hold and I tried to insert another brand of rechargeable NiMH battery in this charger. Guess what? The Apple charger flashed a Yellow distress light, because it will only charge the six included batteries and not any other brand of rechargeable battery.


How could a major American company create a battery charger and disable it from charging any NiMH battery?

The greedy marketing folks at Apple clearly went overboard and paranoid in this case by insisting that only Apple batteries can be recharged and not other NiMH batteries. Apple may be so embarrassed by this offense that they have recently removed this product from their online store. The only place that I found one for sale was at, but none are listed at


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